Additives for cement slurries

RTDCEM 9E - Cement retarder

Additive for extending the thickening time of cement mortar for static temperatures in the well up to 180 ° C, based on a mixture of synthetic polymers.

Properties and characteristics

  • RTDCEM 9E is a white granule, soluble in water.
  • Provides high efficiency at high temperatures (up to 180 °C) of cement mortar.
  • Suitable for use in deep and ultra-deep wells.
  • Slows down hydration, creates a negatively charged layer, which leads to an increase in hardening time and dispersion of cement particles in the solution.
  • Compatible with all types of cements, applicable in all types of cement mortars.
  • Has a plasticizing and dispersing effect
  • It is introduced into the mixing liquid or mixed with cement in dry form.
  • The recommended range of additive concentrations is 0.1–1% by weight of dry cement, depending on the static temperature in the well. The concentration must be selected according to the Customer's requirements.

Packaging, storage

  • Supplied in 25 kg bags on 1,000 kg pallets.
  • The shelf life is 2 years.
Certificate of Conformity


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