Additives for cement slurries

FLCEM 31W - Filtration regulator for grouting solutions

Ultra-heat-resistant regulator for the filtration of cement mortars based on highly purified synthetic polymers based on low molecular weight amides and polyhydroxycarboxylic acids.

Properties and characteristics

  • FLCEM 31W представляет собой вязкую жидкость растворимую в воде.
  • Provides low level filtration at temperatures up to 160 OC.
  • Does not have the effect of slowing down the setting time of cement mortar.
  • Does not have a negative effect on the rate of strength development and on the value of initial and final strength.
  • Effectively reduces water loss of cement mortar and reduces filtration.
  • Maintains thermal stability in fresh and salt-saturated solutions.
  • Good compatibility with other additives.
  • It is recommended for use in simplified technological schemes for the preparation of cement mortar, where there is no possibility of introducing dry additives into cement.
  • The recommended concentration range of FLCEM 31W is 2-6% by weight of dry cement, depending on the type of cement slurry and the required fluid loss.

Packaging, storage

  • Supplied in 25 kg canisters and 200 kg drums.
  • The shelf life is 2 years.
Certificate of Conformity


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