Additives for cement slurries

ERDCEM 150 - Expansion additive for cement slurries

Expanding additive ERDCEM 150 is intended for use in the oil and gas industry in the construction and repair of wells, as a technological additive in cement slurries to produce expanding cement material. The additive is characterized by an increase in the linear dimensions of the cement stone. Good compatibility with other additives allows the additive to be used without noticeably affecting other properties of the mixture

Properties and characteristics

  • ERDCEM 150 is a dispersed non-toxic powder;
  • Provides a high expansion coefficient at high bottomhole temperatures (up to 150 °C);
  • There is no effect on cement thickening time, rheological properties, or filtration;
  • Increases compressive strength;
  • Suitable for both conventional cement mortar and lightweight compounds;
  • Suitable for boreholes with irregular, expanded borehole diameter, equalizing pressure of correction well of deep well, pressure stabilization, combating gas migration, plugging high pressure oil gas activity;
  • The recommended concentration range of ERDCEM 150 is 2-10% by weight of dry cement, depending on the required parameters;
  • It is possible to introduce it “dry” into the cement mixture.

Packaging, storage

  1. Supplied in 25 kg bags on 1,000 kg pallets
  2. The shelf life is 2 years.
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